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150+ First Kiss Quotes | Kiss Quotes 2021

First Kiss Quotes - The first kiss always is remembered because of having so much attachment with your partner or we humans always remember our first step that is why our first kiss always be short but amazing. When I kissed my girlfriend first time so the feeling was amazing and I also gave her some gifts which you can also Check Here.

If you are looking the best First kiss quotes for your love? If yes so you are at the right place because here I have shared the best kiss quotes which will increase love between you and your love. If you want the best kiss quotes so to stay tuned with me till the end. I promise to you that this kissing quote will never ever let your relationship break.  

 Kiss Quotes

Kiss Quotes

When I kissed you the first time, the ground cracked open and I was enveloped by the happiest feeling of bliss.

The moment I leaned in and kissed him, I felt the world crack open at my feet.

You should know that your kiss at night is the sweetest thing ever because it allows me to dream of a thousand beautiful dreams. #IloveU.

When you kiss me, my world is a happier place. When you kiss me, my heart purrs lovingly.

Driving safely enough not to cause an accident while kissing a beautiful girl at the same time simply shows that the man is not giving all of his attention worthy of their kiss.

Never has there been a lip which is curved with pain that can’t be kissed into smiling again.

As you kissed me for the first time, my mouth wrote a poem of welcome to your lips.

A kiss punctuates whatever relationship a couple has. It can assume the form of a comma. It can show as a question mark. And it can be as expressive as an exclamation point. All of this should be known to the woman.

When being asked to define a real Lover, I know it’s that special person that thrill you by kissing your forehead and smiling into your eyes.

Our first kiss was tentative, then it grew into a passionate serenade from one heart to the other.

A sign of love much like an autograph, which is what you call a kiss.

The only thing that I will always have is memories.

 I remember how fast my heart was beating as I first kissed you. I could feel it in my ears and now I know it was that moment when our song started.

A kiss completes the love between two persons. It is just like the finishing dot on the ‘I’ of the word ‘loving’. A secret known only to both lovers, known by their mouths instead of their ears.

On this beautiful Kiss day, I want to mark it by sending you a cute kiss from my heart.

Kiss Quotes For Her

Here in this section, I have shared all the kiss quotes for her. If you want to kiss quotes for girlfriend so you can find any of the girlfriend kiss quotes from here.

After our first kiss, I knew I was hooked on you and I would follow you anywhere.

When you kiss, you get as close to each other as possible. It is when you are that close that both of you are not able to see the flaws of each other.

Kiss is a confirmation of two people who grow so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other.

I still remember the feeling I felt when we first kissed. It will stay with me until my last day on this world.

Knowing how our lips touched is just like knowing that the sun rises every morning, that snow melts under sunshine, and that the birds sing during spring.

A kiss is a lovely trick powerfully designed by nature to stop speech when words become unnecessary.

 When we kissed for the first time, I could swear that I heard our souls whisper ever so quietly: “Welcome home”.

As soon as lovers’ lips touch, their souls touch each other at the same time.

When you whispered, it was not into my ear but into my heart. You didn’t kiss my lips, but my soul.

As I tasted your sweet lips, I knew I wanted it to be my last first kiss.

Giving someone a kiss which speaks louder than anything else is never the first one.

Kiss is Love professed through locking of lips.

My strongest wish is to always be just a kiss away from you.

Everything must start with something. And as such, the courteous gesture of kissing a lady’s hand must always be in style.

To find a prince, you gotta kiss some toads.

Love Kiss Quotes 

If you are in love with your love so this section is best for you. Here  I have shared all kiss quotes for love. You can send them to your love

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars and never let me go.

The appetite for a girl and for cigarette goes in different ways. Have your first kiss and first cigarette at the same day, and I’ll guarantee you’ll have healthy lungs for the rest of your life.

Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.


My dear, I adore your kisses. When you kiss me I feel like I am in heaven. I want to kiss you right now so you’ll know exactly how that feels. Then kiss you again and again. Forever.

If you want to get what you desire, opt for a kiss rather than a whine. Kisses are way sweeter than hearing a woman whine.

With a kiss let us set out for an unknown world.

Stealing a kiss from someone requires a partner in crime.

The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer.

Even though your children are already asleep, never fail to kiss them good night.

Here is a hint for you: Never ask to kiss me, Just do it.

Kissing you deeply could make me wholly forget my very own being.

Kissing is like real estate. The 3 most important things are location, location, and location.

When you are thinking twice about kissing a pretty girl, you would do better if you give her the benefit of the doubt.

A smile in a relationship is good makeup, but a kiss brightens it.

Whenever you kiss me, you come in contact not just with my lips, but you also touch my very soul.

Deep Kiss Quotes

If you and your love both are in a deep love so this deep kiss quotes section is great to you. Here I have shared the best deep kiss quotes to your love.

I want my first kiss to be long but gentle, soft but amazing. But the most important of it all is that I want it to be with you.

How much of the soul is probably left whenever you cease to kiss your love?

Happy kiss day Honey, I super love you.

It is a very slothful thing to just throw away kisses.

Whenever you kissed me, I wondered how even in the middle of a rainstorm I always feel like I am burning alive.

To complete the sequence, never forget to throw a hug when you give a kiss. It is like bread and butter, and peanut butter and jam.

We kiss and it feels like we have just shrugged off the world and we’re in our own planet.

Kisses remind us that two heads working are better than one.

So let’s meet at the mouth for a kiss that’s been so long overdue.

Even sweet kisses could hide deceptive lies.

Soul meets soul on lover’s lips.

Sharing a kiss is the best feeling, just like when you feel happy and you share it with others.

Kissing is like a bee when it is sucking honey from a flower, but this time, the honey never ends.

If eyes are the windows to the soul then with just a gaze you can give a kiss.

A kiss without a hug is like a flower without its fragrance.

First Kiss Quotes

There are many people who never ever kiss anyone and going to do the first kiss. If you are one of them so you can use these first kiss quotes.

If I print a kiss on your lips with your permission, I swear we would be able to print one whole edition.

KISS has been certified as the best way to shut a lover up.

As soon as you have your first kiss, your thirst for it would shoot up as one would thirst after drinking a glass of salted water.

Every time you kiss me, I feel on top of the world.

One kiss could bind two souls in a second.

Whenever you Kiss me, I’ll show you stars, love me and I will give them to you.

If you want to stop the flow of ridiculous words streaming from your girl’s mouth, kiss her. It is the oldest trick nature has employed.

Soul mates, two different people with the same soul joining together in life’s journey.

One could never kiss alone, could kiss better when there are two of them, and could get in trouble if he has kissed a third party.

You are my life, happy kiss day my Princess.

Your cute kissing melts my lips and my heart.

The mountains are kissing the clouds, as the waves kiss the shore. Sunlight kisses the earth, as the moonbeams kiss the sea. But all of these are of no worth if you would not kiss me.

The best feeling in the world is kissing someone whom you always wanted to kiss them for a long time, I always want to Kiss you.

When she kissed him, she left him desiring after one thing: the rest of her.

Kiss is Love because it’s something you cannot give without taking and cannot take, without giving.

Boyfriend Kiss Quotes

Every girl has a desire to kiss her boyfriend and you might also have so these boyfriend kiss quotes are the best quotes to send your boyfriend.

If the pain has curled your lips away, a kiss could plant a smile on it again.

A night hug warms the heart, a night kiss brightens the next day, and good morning to start your day. I love you.

To have a first kiss always take up the time to make a fundamental decision.

Life is the gift from God; love is the gift of life, but a kiss is the gift of Love.

When I had my first kiss, I felt my insides melt like butter. It felt so good it hurt, but all my dreams and aspirations came into realization. Everything made sense.

History Time: Do you know that ancient lovers believed that a kiss literally unites souls because the spirit was said to be carried in ones breathe. #Unitedsouls.


How to kiss?
So finally you have decided to kiss. If you want to amazing kiss so you just need to collect the courage to kiss.

How to express feeling to kiss?
If you want to express your feeling to kiss so just look at her/him eyes and try to be romantic or you can use our kiss quotes to make that moment more romantic.

Closing Lines: 

I hope you like this kiss quote article and Here I have tried to write as many quotes that much I can that's why this is long and best first kiss quotes article. As I have promised earlier that this article will help to increase love between you and you love so now you can agree with me. If you follow my advice so I want to give advice that just bookmarks this page and shares the one quote every morning and evening and trusts me it'll make you close to your love.

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